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Library FAQ and Self-Help: Self-Checkout

Find quick answers to common questions and tips for using the Library more effectively and efficiently

What is Meescan self-checkout

MeeScan is the Library’s self-checkout service. You can borrow books from most collections using the kiosk located by the Information Desk or the self-serve mobile app on your iOS or Android device. This page provides an overview of the service and troubleshooting tips.

Using the MeeScan self-checkout mobile app

Before following the steps below, download the Meescan Mobile App from your app store:

1. Open Meescan

Open the Meescan mobile app on your device and select "Start". If prompted, sign in using your 9-digit SAIT ID number or email credentials.

2. Scan your items

Tap the plus (+) sign and use the camera viewer to scan the item's barcode. Newer books have the barcode on the front cover, older books inside the back cover. 

3. Desensitize your items

Items are not checked-out to you and will set off an alarm if not desensitized at an RFID pad. RFID pads are located near the stairs in the basement and by the Information Desk on the main floor. Put your items on the RFID pad and, when prompted, select "Finish" in the Meescan mobile app to complete the check-out. 

You will receive a checkout receipt to your SAIT email.

Using the MeeScan self-checkout kiosk

1. Sign-in

At the Meescan Kiosk sign in using SAIT ID number or SAIT email.

2. Scan your items

Place your item(s) on the RFID pad to scan and desensitize. You can scan multiple items at the same time. 

3. Confirm your check-out

Review the list of items on the Meescan screen. When all the items are showing, tap the Finish button. 

You will receive a checkout receipt to your SAIT email.

Common issues

  • I can't log-in to the MeeScan app:
    • Only current staff and current students can log into Meescan's checkout service. If you have a hold on your library or registration account, this too may prevent you from using self-checkout.
    • Community users do not have access to the self-checkout service. 
  • I'm not able to borrow some materials using MeeScan self-checkout:
    • Self-check out only works for books and magazines. If you want to borrow other materials (such as a DVD or board game), visit the Information Desk.
    • Items from the Reference and Standards and Codes Collections are in-library use only and cannot be checked out.

If you have an issue borrowing with MeeScan self-checkout, speak with our Information Desk staff. They'll be happy to help you. 

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