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Library FAQ and Self-Help: Library Accounts

Find quick answers to common questions and tips for using the Library more effectively and efficiently

Library accounts - SAIT students and staff

When prompted by the Library, use your Microsoft 365 credentials (the same as used for SAIT email) to access your Library Account, Library Search, or full-text e-Resources.

  1. Select the option for SAIT Students and Staff sign-in.
  2. Enter your Microsoft 365 credentials:

Email: SAIT email (usually

Default password: sent to your preferred email inbox - subject: 'Your SAIT Student Email Address'

If you changed your password for your SAIT email or computer login at any time in the past, use that password to access Library resources, instead of the default password.

You are not able to manage your Microsoft 365 credentials through your Library Account. For assistance with your credentials visit SAIT Technical Support.

Library accounts - independent contractors

Independent contractors who are not paid through Employee Services can apply for library privileges through the Request Contractor Privileges form. You will be provided with a User ID and Password to login to your Library Account, Library Search, and full-text e-Resources.

When prompted by the Library:

  1. Select the Independent Contractor option.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password.

For assistance with your account, contact the library.

Library accounts - TAL Card users

Community members can borrow materials from the Library by acquiring a The Alberta Library (TAL) Card from your home library. You can check to see if your library is a member of TAL here. Once you have a TAL Card, we can set up an account for you in our system. 

To sign into your Library Account (if you have a TAL Card account in our system):

  1. Go to your Library Account.
  2. Select the Community Borrower option.
  3. Enter the number on your library barcode (e.g. C998877) and your password. 

TAL Card users do not have off-campus access to our e-Resources. Some e-Resources can be accessed on-campus, either by using a guest computer or by connecting to SAIT Wifi. For more information visit our Permitted Uses of e-Resources page and our Borrowing Policies page.

Alumni of SAIT may also use a TAL Card to borrow materials. As with other TAL card users, you'll need to request a TAL card from another library before coming to us. 

Your library account

Request books, renew loans, save favourites, and manage your account information by logging into your Library Account

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This page only covers technical support for library resources and accounts. Visit SAIT Technical Support and Resources for support with campus-wide hardware, software, and accounts. 

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