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Library FAQ and Self-Help: Using Library Resources

Find quick answers to common questions and tips for using the Library more effectively and efficiently

Using library services and resources

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Finding and accessing standards and codes

Please note that the National Building Code and derivatives (including Alberta versions of the codes) are available as a free download for personal use.

Check the Standards and Codes guide for more information about accessing our collection.

Reading current newspapers and periodicals

The Library subscribes to a number of popular Canadian and International newspapers as well as periodicals such as magazines, trade publications, and academic journals.

Below is a list of the most popular newspapers the Library has digital access to:

You can search for a specific publication or search for keywords in the main library search and narrow to newspapers.

You can also search Canadian Newsstream for urban, rural, and community daily and weekly newspapers:

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This page only covers technical support for library resources and accounts. Visit SAIT Technical Support and Resources for support with campus-wide hardware, software, and accounts. 

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