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Library FAQ and Self-Help: Accessibility

Find quick answers to common questions and tips for using the Library more effectively and efficiently

Library accessibility

The Library's basement (Level-0) is not fully accessible to patrons unable to use our stairs. While there is a lift in the library, it is only for moving book carts.

We are aware that this situation is not ideal for many of our patrons and apologize for the real challenges this situation creates for visitors to our library. This page primarily covers alternative access to the basement in the Library, as well as other information about accessibility in the Library. Contact Accessibility Services for more information about accessibility at SAIT.

Access to the basement (Level-0) for students

One-time or occasional access

A student can request access at the Information Desk and staff there will go with them to the library's secure basement doors and let them through. When the student is ready to leave, they must contact the Information Desk by phone (403.284.8616) or via chat. A phone is available on the wall parallel to the stairs, if needed. 

Regular access

For regular, self-managed access to the library's basement, a student can request key card access for the library's basement door using the form linked under "Student Key Card Request" on this page. 

After placing your request, Accessibility Services will contact you within 2 business days to do a brief assessment of your request. Upon confirmation, Campus Security will prepare a key card and library staff will contact you at your SAIT email address when your key card is ready for pickup. 

Access will be granted for either a specific period of need or until the end of your current registration. You will be required to reapply for access if you return to SAIT.

If issued a key card, you agree to:

  1. Only use the card for your own individual access to the Library’s basement through the secure door located by the Stan Grad MC elevator. Except as required for access assistance, no other person should enter or leave the Library’s basement though this door with you.
  2. Only access the Library during regular operating hours.
  3. Return the card to Campus Security upon leaving SAIT or at the end of the period of need.

Use of your key card that goes against these rules, or otherwise interferes with library operations, will result in the card being revoked and you may be referred to the Office of Community Conduct for non-academic misconduct

Access to the basement (Level-0) for staff and guests

SAIT staff who just need one-time or occasional access assistance can request access to the basement at the Information Desk. Our staff will accompany you to the library's secure basement doors and let you through. When you are ready to leave, contact the Information Desk by phone (403.284.8616) or via chat. A phone is available on the wall parallel to the stairs, if needed. 

Staff who need regular access to the Library's basement can request key card access through Archibus. 

Visitors (those not currently employed by or taking classes at SAIT) can also ask Information Desk staff for assistance with accessing the basement of the Library.

Student key card request

Assistive technologies

The Library has two bookable assistive technology workstations located on the main floor across from our Information Desk. These workstations feature ultra-wide monitors and have the following assistive software installed:

There is also a book viewer for magnifying print materials located between these two workstations. 

Focus area

On the lower level of the Library (Level-0), behind the Classroom, you'll find our Focus Area. This area is the most isolated from the normal noise and traffic of the library, so the emphasis here is on quiet, individual study. You can book a seat in one of the carrels or just drop-in.

In the Focus Area the lights are set to a lower brightness than elsewhere in the library. Here you'll also find a desk with a light therapy lamp and some balance ball chairs. Feel free to move these chairs to your preferred work area.

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