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IEEE Citation Style: More Sources

This guide provides information on the 2020 edition of the IEEE citation style.

Online Reports

  Template Example
Reference list entry

[#] First Initial. Surname, "Title of document," Organization Name, City, Abbreviated State., Country, Report Number,  Abbreviated Month Day, Year. Accessed: Abbreviated Month Day, Year. [Format]. Available: doi OR internet address

[1] G. Glass, "Electrical safety program: Nonelectrical crafts at LANL, Live #12175," Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM, USA, LA-UR--16-29637, 2016. Accessed: Sept. 29, 2019. [Online]. Available: doi:10.2172/1338684.

Standards & Codes

  Template Example
Reference list entry

[#] Title of Standard, Standard number, Corporate Author, City, Abbreviated State, Country, Abbreviated Month. Year. [Online]. Available: internet address

[1] Canadian Electrical Code, Part I Safety Standard for Electrical Installations, CSA C22.1:21, Canadian Standards Association, Toronto, Canada, Jan. 2021. [Online]. Available: 

Note: Omit the date if it is part of the title of the Standard or Code.


  Template Example
Reference list entry

[#] Name of the invention, by inventor First Initial. Last name. (Year, Abbreviated Month. Day). Patent Number [Format]. Available: internet address

[1] Screwless clip mounted computer drive, by D. Williams. (2005, Apr. 26). U.S. Patent 6,885,550 B1  [Online]. Available:

Data Sheets

Data Sheets
  Template Example
Reference list entry

[#] Company Name, “Title of data sheet,” Data Sheet number, Date of Publication.

Texas Instruments, “High speed CMOS logic analog multiplexers/demultiplexers,” 74HC4051 datasheet, Nov. 1997 [Revised Sept. 2002].
Material Safety Data Sheets
  Template Example
Reference list entry [#] Title of MSDS/SDS; Number of MSDS/SDS [Print or Online]; Name of Manufacturing Company: Location of Company, Abbreviated Month. Day, Year. Internet address (date accessed).

Ammonium Chloride; SDS No. 000001616 [Online]; Avantor: Center Valley, PA, Feb. 23, 2015. Documents/MSDS/USA/SAP/00038387.PDF (accessed Apr. 27, 2018).


Google Maps*
  Template Example
Reference list entry [#] Corporation Name. “Map title.” Accessed: Abbreviated Month Day, Year. [Online]. Available: URL. [1] Google. "Google Maps directions for driving from Calgary, AB to Edmonton, AB." Accessed: July 10, 2018. [Online]. Available:
Maps Generated from Software
  Template Example
Reference list entry [#] Corporation Name, "Map title." Scale. Site or Software Name. Abbreviated Month Day, Year. Accessed: Abbreviated Month Day, Year. [Format]. Available: URL [22] City of Calgary, "Pathway and bikeway map." Scale not given. Oct. 15, 2020. Accessed: July 2, 2021. [Online]. Available:

*Note: IEEE does not provide guidance on citing maps or other cartographic material. The above example is provided as it is a common scenario at SAIT, but should not be taken as guidance according to the IEEE guidelines.

For more information about citing maps, see the advice of the ACMLA Recommended Best Practices in Citation of Cartographic Materials document produced by the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives. This document provides general advice for components and is not in IEEE format. 

Personal Communications

According to IEEE guidelines, personal communications (e.g., emails, phone calls, and interviews) are not typically included in the list of references. Instead, identify the author, including their title, within the text of your report.


In a letter, Dr. Sarah Smith from School of Construction at SAIT, claimed that many of her students enjoyed working with the IEEE style.

Consult your instructor to confirm whether you are required to list interviews, emails, phone calls, and lectures as part of the References page. 

Secondary Sources

A secondary source is one that is discussed by the author you are reading. You do not read the original report but instead get the information second-hand from the author.  IEEE guidelines do not allow the use of secondary sources. Because you did not read the original report, you  cannot include it in your research. Contact your liaison librarian to assist you with locating the original source.

What if. . .

Scenario Solution Example
Two authors List both authors separated by the word "and".

[2] T. Gray and D. Tracy, "Implementing a trauma informed framework in a disability non-government organization," Western Sydney University, Penrith, Australia, 2016. Accessed: July 12, 2020. Available:

Three or more authors List each author in the order they are listed separated by a comma, with the word "and" preceding the last author's name.

[17] P. Goering, S. Veldhuzian, A. Watson, A. Carol, B. Kopp, E. Latimer, G. Nelson, E. MacNoughton, D. Strener, and T. Aubrey, "National at home/chez soi final report," Mental Health Commission of Canada, Calgary, Canada, 2014. Accessed: Aug. 19, 2018. [Online]. Available: mhcc_at_home_report_ national_ cross-site_eng_2_0.pdf

An organization, government agency, or company is the author List the full name of the organization, government agency, or company as the author.

[4] Status of Women Canada, "Women in Canada: A gender based statistical report," Government of Canada, Ottawa, Canada, 2018. Accessed: Oct. 19, 2020. [Online]. Available: 

No month, day, and/or year Exclude the month, day, and/or year from your reference list entry. Follow the format for your source type
I'm not sure if an accessed date is needed An accessed date is generally required for any source that is published online. If you aren't sure whether to include one, it's better to have one than to omit.  N/A
I'm not sure if I should end the citation with a period You should only exclude the period if your citation ends with an internet address (URL). Otherwise, include a period at the end for doi, page range, or year of publication. See examples throughout guide

Is your scenario not covered in this table?  Check the IEEE reference guide or ask your liaison for help.

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