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IEEE Citation Style: Course Materials

This guide provides information on the 2020 edition of the IEEE citation style.

Course Materials

NOTE: Use this format to cite module content or a set of notes from a lecture (e.g., power point slides provided by your instructor). To cite something from a lecture that was not provided in a written format, use the "personal communication" format (see More Sources tab)

Course Module in Brightspace (
  Template Example
Reference list entry [#] Name of Institution. (Year, Semester). Title of module. [Format]. Available: Internet address. [45] Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. (2021, Spring). Creating your resume. [Online]. Available:
Lecture Notes, PowerPoints, or Course Recordings
  Template Example
Reference list entry [#] First Initial. Surname. (Year). Title of document [Format]. Available: Internet address [45] J. Smith. (2020). Paraphrasing notes Powerpoint. [Powerpoint slides]. Available:

What if. . .

Scenario Solution Example
The author is not SAIT or a SAIT instructor*

Is the source only available as part of a module, a PowerPoint presentation, or a Word or PDF document on Brightspace?


Substitute the author's first initial and last name or the generic SAIT author information.

Cite the original source (for example, a YouTube video that was linked to from a PowerPoint presentation should be cited using the template for a YouTube video). 

[32] C. Wong. (2020, Spring). Tips and tricks for practicum success. [PowerPoint slides]. Available:

Unsure if the author is SAIT or my instructor

If it's clear your instructor created the module, slides, or other content you are citing, list your instructor's name. If there is another named author, list their name. If there is no named author, list Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

If citing a recorded lecture, list the instructor's name.

[21] B. Rodwell. (2020, May 21). Lecture on grilling. [Zoom recording]. Available:
My instructor talked about this in a class but didn't give us any written information*

Cite as a personal communication -  check the More Sources tab for details

Not required

Is your scenario not covered in this table?  Check the IEEE reference guide or ask your liaison for help.

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