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Dental Assisting: Books & e-Books

What can I get from a book?

  • A general overview of a topic
  • Definitions
  • Multiple examples or case studies

Tips for efficient reading

You need to build a frame for your report before you begin writing. By reviewing books, you'll be able to determine the major concepts you want to cover in your report.

1. You don't need to read a book cover to cover. Look at the table of contents and identify sections that might be relevant to your topic.

2. Read the introduction and conclusion of those sections first. If it's relevant, then read the whole section. If not, skip it.

3. See something good? Close the book, think about how it fits into your own topic and write the idea in your own words. You still need to cite (so also jot down the citation information) but this helps you to avoid accidental plagiarism. More indepth information on how to paraphrase can be found here.


The great thing about e-books is that you can search the full text for a specific word or phrase.

Prefer a paper book?

Look in the 617.6 section on the lower level of the Library. Here are three books you'll find on the shelf:

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