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Hospitality: Business Resources: Industry

A guide for HBVR 355, MKTG 326, and Culinary Entrepreneurship students creating business and marketing plans

Starting Point

The first step in locating industry information is determining how industry categories are organized and named. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a system for classifying industries using a code number. Industries may be compared across Canada, Mexico and the USA. Browse category 72 (Accommodations and Food Service) for most hospitality industries.

NAICS codes are updated every 5 years. Some NAICS codes are new in 2017, some have new 2017 codes but the same content as 2012, and some are reused codes in 2017 with new content. If you are looking at sources prior to 2017, you may want to check for changes to the code in the Concordance.

Once you determine the NAICS code(s) for your business, you can search library databases and government websites for industry information.

Industry Info

  • Canadian Company Capabilities - This Government of Canada site by product or NAICS code. Go to Detailed Search and search by NAICS or keyword to see other company descriptions in the same industry
  • Alberta Industry Profiles - Information on Alberta's 18 biggest industries, created by the Government of Alberta.
  • Calgary Industry Studies-11 reports on Calgary industries, produced by Calgary Economic Development.

Industry and trade associations may have industry profiles which are useful in your research. The Government of Alberta maintains a list of association directories online. A national Directory of Business and Trade Assocations/Organizations is also available through Canadian Company Capabilities.

Target Industry

In what industry does your product or service exist?

How can this industry and product/service be described?


Find answers to those questions here.

Additional Info

Check out the Hospitality Management Libguide for more resources on industry information and statistics.

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