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Lamb Learner Success Centre - Learning Skills

Want to excel in your studies, reduce exam anxiety, and more? Look no further than Learning Skills Services. Whether you're struggling to stay on top of your coursework or simply trying to take your learning to the next level, you're in the right place.

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Welcome to the official SAIT learning skills guidebook, your go-to destination for boosting your learning skills. We understand that learning can sometimes feel like a puzzle, but don't worry—we're here to help you piece it all together. Our goal is to provide you with practical strategies and insights to enhance your note-taking, time management, memory skills, and more. Our team of experts has collected a range of tried-and-true techniques that can make a real difference in your learning journey. Join us as we explore the world of effective learning and set you up for success.

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Our team of professional learning strategists, are here to help you maximize your success at SAIT. Have you perused the resources here and still don't know how to begin? Do you appreciate a more personal touch to your learning skills training? Are you facing unique challenges to your learning? Make a 1-on-1 appointment (virtual or in-person) with one of our learning strategists here.

Joseph Hudson: An experienced SAIT instructor, Joe has a knack for making learning simple. Get some down to earth advice on improving your learning abilities. Are you an apprentice student? Joe works closely with our apprenticeship programs to make sure all students have the resources they need to thrive.

Lydia Trvalec: SAIT's most experienced learning strategist, Lydia has a talent for lifting up struggling students. If you are looking for hands-on training, then she is the strategist for you. Lydia also runs Writing Services and is the go-to person at SAIT for help with writing skills including citation, paraphrasing, sentence structure, flow, and more.

Shauna Issler: Shauna is a well-rounded strategist with a talent for identifying learning barriers and breaking them down. Whether you're coming to SAIT straight from high school, identify as neurodiverse, or just want a hand figuring out where the problem is, she can work with you to find strategies that suit your level and needs.

Matthew Esau: A lifelong student, Matthew is just really passionate about learning new skills. His philosophy involves taking a scientific approach towards helping a student build their learning toolkit. This way of thinking about learning can be seen in his Learning to Learn series of academic success seminars. Sign up at the link on the left of this page!

Learning to Learn Seminars

Success seminars are offered throughout the year. All SAIT students and apprentices are welcome. You can sign up for the individual seminars that interest you or attend all of them. Sign up here!

The following seminars are offered throughout the academic year:

  • Activate your study skills: Learn how to make studying part of your everyday routine. Get tips to build a study schedule that works and create a variety of study aids that will put an end to cramming.
  • Master time management: Improve your planning and goal-setting abilities, maximize time, and overcome procrastination. Gain tools to set up a weekly schedule, establish priorities and balance school, work and home life.
  • Harness Artificial Intelligence: Learn how to use AI tools to aid in learning in an honest and effective way. Acquire skills that will make learning easier while maintaining academic honesty.
  • Get what you need from what you read: Learn and apply a simple six-step system to get vital information out of your textbooks, into your notes and stored in your long-term memory.
  • Take better notes: Do you have trouble listening and taking notes simultaneously? Learn new strategies for processing information and maximizing your learning in class.
  • Improve your memory: Learn how to retain information quickly, easily and confidently. Discover and practice a variety of memory techniques.
  • Write exams like a pro: Get tips to help you feel confident leading up to and during your exam. Learn how to apply winning strategies to multiple-choice, short-answer, open-book and online exams.
  • Rock your midterm recovery: Was your midterm season tough? Learn how to calculate your course grades and track your academic progress. Discover learning strategies to boost post-midterm confidence and identify your next steps toward a successful semester.
  • Survive final exams: Feeling the pressure of final exams? Get tips and strategies to feel organized and prepared for the exam season. Learn how to set up a final exam study schedule and review the basics of active studying.
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