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LIBR 200: Library Tours: Departments and Staff

Information about the Library for LIBR 200 students.

Departments & Staff

Staff at the Library hold a wide variety of positions with varying roles, responsibilities and qualifications. At our library most staff spend at least a few hours each week on our Information Desk, in addition to various tasks related to their core jobs. 

Library Technicians

At our library, library technicians may be involved in such diverse tasks as:

  • Acquisitions and selection
  • Cataloguing
  • Circulation and reference
  • Managing client accounts
  • Processing interlibrary loans
  • Marketing
  • Supervision
  • Administering software systems like Alma or LibCal
  • And more

All our library technicians have a Library Information Technology Diploma. Many of our staff also hold additional degrees, certifications or other training. 

Finally, our casual staff (term-limited, part-time employees who usually staff our Information Desk on evenings and weekends) are usually library technicians. We also usually have a few casual student workers to help with shelving books and collection maintenance. These are typically current Library Technician students. 

Librarians and Archivists

Our librarians and archivist usually focus on tasks like:

  • Research
  • Leading workgroups or departments
  • Liaising with academic schools and other stakeholders
  • Setting budgets
  • Developing plans for the library
  • Acquiring new e-resources
  • Teaching
  • And more

Librarians and the library manager generally have a Master's Degree in Library Science. Our Archivist will have a Master's Degree in Archival Studies or History.


And, just like there are specialized collections, we have some specialized staff (both library technicians and librarians) for topics like:

  • User experience assessment
  • Industry standards and codes
  • Open educational resources.
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