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Use this guide to find resources for your HOTL 300 group report

Search Through our Print and e-Resources

The Library search below gives you access to academic books, articles, videos, and many more types of trusted information sources. You can also find sources in the Library's databases and ebook collections; use the tabs above for links.

Library Search

Advanced Library Search

Tips for choosing keywords:

  • Start by identifying the most important concepts in your assigned research topic (ex.: communication and hotel)
  • Brainstorm related terms (ex.: accommodations, teamwork, employees, conflict management, collaboration)
  • Use the Advanced Search to type in your keywords and use search operators and filters to refine your results:

What are "search operators" and filters?

Search operators and filters help you improve your search results by changing how the computer looks for your keywords:


Searches for all terms (reduces results)

OR Finds synonyms (increases results)
Truncation * Searches any ending on a root word, e.g. communicat* will find communicate, communication, communicating
Quotes "..." Finds all words in exact order, e.g. "customer service"
Filters (drop-down menu) Finds a term in one part of the source, e.g. "customer service" in the title


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