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Environmental Technology: Library resources

Your guide to researching environmental science and technology topics.

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Once you've decided on your topic, be sure to pick out the keywords - the big ideas or main concepts - in your research question. Use the following search terms to help construct your search phrase:

  • AND - find all the terms (ex. honey AND badger)
  • OR - find any of the terms (ex. honey OR badger)
  • NOT - exclude a certain term (ex. honey NOT badger)

For more information about developing a research strategy, visit our Research Tutorial.

Find Articles

The following resources have vast collections of scientific research articles that can provide you with inspiration, ideas, and credibility for your reports and projects. For additional resources visit A-Z List of e-Resources.

Find Images

Use these sites to find pictures or figures for your project. Remember to cite them according to IEEE. 

Find Videos

Use the following links to find videos, films, and footage for your projects. A full list is available by visiting e-resources for videos.

Refer to our Video Guide for technical assistance.

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The Library has copies of all course textbooks available to use for a 4 hour period. 

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