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Library Equipment: VR Devices

An overview of equipment available for loan or use within the Library.

Removing VR Collection

Effective Monday, April 29th 2024

We have decided - after extensive consideration - that the library does not have sufficient resources to appropriately support Meta Quest 2 Oculus headsets. Starting on April 29th the library will no longer lend these items to our borrowers.

Our Oculus 2 headsets will be transferred to the Connector Lab in Thomas Riley, TU103. When the library first started lending this sort of equipment, there was not a space like the Connector Lab on campus and so we sought to fulfill a need for access to these devices. However, now that such a space exists, we believe that these items are a better fit for the Lab and can be better supported and maintained there. 

Note that it may take a few weeks after the transfer for these devices to again ready for loan through the Connector Lab.

If you have questions or concerns about this change, email 

Meta Quest 2

The Library has a collection of 4 Meta Quest 2 virtual reality (VR) headset kits thMeta Quest 2 headset and controllersat SAIT students and staff may borrow borrow for up to 3 days. See the Borrowing Materials page for lending rules, late fees, liability and more. 

Each kit contains:

  • Meta Quest 2 Headset 
  • Meta Quest 2 Left and Right Controllers  
  • Meta Quest 2 Silicon Face Cover 
  • Charging cable and power block

These kits are offered to individual SAIT students and staff on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be pre-booked. The complete kit must be returned on the due date and be available to other borrowers for 1 day before you can borrow again. You may renew a kit once, for an additional 3 day loan.

to Meta Quest 2

The MetaQuest 2 should already be logged to a generic user account when you start it. We have two pre-set user accounts:

  • Debra Ramoe
  • Jack Dawsen

If you need to login, use the credentials listed on the inside of your kit. Do not use or create a personal account.

If you're on a SAIT Campus when using the device, you'll be asked to join the SAIT Guest Wi-Fi network, after starting the Meta Quest 2. Just scroll down and click "Accept". 

If you're off-campus, you can go to Settings to join a local Wi-Fi network. But, many of the pre-set experiences will also work off-line.

Finally, remember to disconnect from any networks or applications before turning off the device. 

Getting Help

These pre-loaded devices will not begin with an introduction to the controls for the Meta Quest 2 and will instead load in a menu. In order to go access an initial tutorial:

  1. Select the grey, nine dot menu from the first Task Bar, using the button on the back of the controller
  2. Point to the First Steps app and select it to learn the full controls

You can find more information and tutorial videos on Meta Quest support.

Included Experiences

The Meta Quest 2 headset is a VR device designed for gaming, live events, training and more. The Library's headsets come with pre-set experiences for you to explore:

  1. First Steps: an introduction to Meta Quest 2 controls.
  2. Beat Saber: a popular VR game typically used to get participants familiar with the controls and thinking about the entertainment possibilities. 
  3. Brink Traveler: a VR tourism app that replicates natural destinations around the world. The app is great for introducing people to walking around a virtual world and managing their digital space.
  4. Gravity Sketch: a 360 degree art application perfect for discussing design in VR.
  5. YouTube VR: an application for watching 360 degree videos.
  6. Horizons Workroom: a virtual meeting application. 
  7. Skill Mill: this application supports learning and training for various skilled trades.

Depending on the device you have, you may find other experiences to explore. Please do not add any software or change device settings.

Check Availability

Note: It may take several minutes for status changes in our system to be reflected on this page. So, information on availability may not be fully up to date.

Safety Information

While using the headset, ensure:

  1. You are only using the headset indoors.
  2. You have a clear space around you, including overhead objects and on the floor.

Users will need to set up a Guardian Barrier - a limit the headset puts up that will prompt the user when they are moving close to an object or wall. It is the responsibility of the user to set up proper barriers and to keep the area clear.

Liability for Borrowers

Because these devices are particularly expensive, the replacement costs for lost or damaged VR headsets are listed below for your information. 

  • Meta Quest 2: $450

You become responsible for library materials when they are checked-out to you. You may be required to pay for loss, damage or late return of any library materials. 

More information about borrowing policies, including late fees, liability and other terms, are on our Borrowing Materials policy. 

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