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COMM 288: Finding Sources & Illustrations

Subject- and format-specific databases that will be useful for your COMM 288 Recommendation Report assignment.

COMM 288 - Recommendation Report

Use the resources on this page to find sources and illustrations for your recommendation reports. Remember to think about  RADAR for each source you find. 

Source Types

Although the library is your key to technical, scientific, and peer-reviewed resources, you may need to find sources outside of the library that will better suit your reports. You may need an Annual Report showing how many fulltime students were enrolled last year, or a company policy on harassment, or an organizational strategy on mental health. Perhaps you need data, or a patent, or archived blueprints. There are many different types of sources you can use, just think about which types are more appropriate to use when. 

You can book and appointment with a librarian for further assistance.

Search the Library

Library Search

Advanced Library Search

STEM Databases - Find Sources Specifically for STEM Fields

Industry and Market Research

Need information about a specific company or industry? For companies, start with the company website - it will typically have the most comprehensive and up to date information. For additional research on companies and general industry information, check out these library resources:

Find Illustrations

Google search tips

Use the tips below to increase your efficiency when searching with Google and don't forget to evaluate information you find on the web.

  • Exact phrase searching: put quotations around a set of terms to search the phrase exactly as it appears. For example, if you're looking for information on programmable logic controllers, type it in as "programmable logic controllers" to ensure all three words are searched as a phrase.
  • Search a specific site or domain: want to limit your search results to Government of Alberta sources? Type in the search bar along with your search terms to view results from government websites. Use the site: command for any website or domain if you want to limit the source of your results (i.e. for US education institutions; for non-profit organizations; for information from Cenovus).
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