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Collection Development Guidelines, Reg Erhardt Library, SAIT: 1.0 Institutional Vision & Mission

Institutional Vision & Mission

 1.1 SAIT Vision Statement

To be a global leader in applied education.

1.2 SAIT Mission Statement

We prepare students for successful careers and lives.


1.3 Reg Erhardt Library Vision

As a collaborative leader on campus, we will play an integral role in developing critically engaged information creators and consumers among SAIT students, faculty, and staff.

1.4 Reg Erhardt Library Mission

The Reg Erhardt Library facilitates excellence in teaching, research, and learning through the provision of authoritative information resources and community-driven programs. By providing equitable access to print and digital collections, innovative technology, and learner-focused spaces, the Library creates an inclusive environment which supports creative inquiry at SAIT.

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