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Collection Development Guidelines, Reg Erhardt Library, SAIT: 4.0 Accountability & Responsibility for the Collection

Accountability & Responsibility for the Collection

The Collections Librarian is accountable for overall adherence to and maintenance of the Collection and the Collection Development Policy, reporting to the Library Manager.  Assistance, communication and implementation support are provided by the Collections Technician, in coordination with the Acquisitions Team and Library Liaisons.  The Acquisitions Team, using Data & Demand-Driven Acquisition methods, is responsible for acquiring the majority of Collection materials.  Library Liaisons should help provide strategic direction for their subject areas, are highly encouraged to submit personal and faculty item/publisher requests, and should maintain close communication with the Acquisitions Team and Collections Librarian & Technician throughout the fiscal year(s).  Liaison schools/departments include:

-          Advanced Digital Technology
-          Construction

-          Business
-          Energy
-          Hospitality & Tourism
-          Transportation
-          Health & Public Safety
-          Manufacturing & Automation
-          Academic Services 

-          Learner Services     


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