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Rehabilitation Therapy: Articles

What can I get from an article?

  • The results of original research conducted by experts in the field 
  • This information is written for experts or practitioners - some of the information will be too in-depth for your needs as a student. Check the introduction and discussion sections specifically for broader information and best practices that may be useful to you.

Health databases

The best way to find health research is to search in databases. Databases allow you to search many academic journals at once to find relevant articles. These are some top databases for your area:

Can't find what you need? Here is the full list of health databases.


Try using words from your assignment topic first (e.g."determinants of health").

You can add words to describe what aspect you want to research (e.g. "determinants of health" AND immigrant*)

To focus your search further, consider adding a specific demographic or geographical area to your search

e.g. "determinants of health" AND immigrant* AND women

e.g. "determinants of health" AND (indigenous OR "First Nations" OR aboriginal) AND Canada

Boolean Operators

Use AND to narrow your search. All keywords will be present in the results.

Use OR to broaden your search by connecting synonyms. Any keyword may be included in your results.

Use NOT to narrow your search by excluding results. Records with keywords will be removed from your results.

Use " " (phrase searching) to search for any phrase that you want to find (i.e.: "global warming") 

Boolean Operators Explained: Pirates vs Ninjas


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