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Video Help: Troubleshooting

Information about using Library video resources.

Each video resource has it's own help or tips section.

If you are experiencing issues or have specific problems please refer to the help section for that specific resource.

To ensure you are using the correct links, all links for library resources should be preceded by

For assistance with this we have created a link helper located on our website in the Faculty Resources area.
Please follow the instructions on that page to ensure you have the best link to use.

All our video products can be found at : A-Z List of e-Resources: Video 

Known Issues - Troubleshooting

Films on Demand Log In Problems - There appears to be an issue with Windows 7 that prevents access to Films on Demand videos when the link is clicked from a Microsoft document.  Please see the Films on Demand Help below.

Will Criterion-on-Demand work on my mobile device?
All movies available on Criterion-on-Demand Digital Rights Management (DRM) for playback. Unfortunately, Apple’s IOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating systems do not officially support DRM – therefore Criterion on Demand will not work on a mobile device.

Help with Specific Resources

For Alexander Street help please visit the help section of their website at

You will find information on many topics including creating an account,  search tips, clips and bookmarks, sharing content,

Video materials will appear on your results list when performing a search for library materials using the Library webpage.

If accessing the resource using the A-Z List of Resources you will be directed to the main search box of the resource.  At this point you may select a type of movie to see the titles within that type or you may search for a specific movie.

To see a list of all current titles available, go to the bottom of the page and select the All Titles link.  This will direct you to a title by title list in year order, most current first.

After finding your item in Library Search, click on the item record title to see more information. 
That information will look like this:


Right click on the URL "Click here for the electronic version" to obtain the URL link to copy.

Paste that link into your document or Brightspace/D2L. 

Once students click on the link and pass through authentication processes they will access the video. 
If available, they will be offered a choice to view the video with subtitles(captions) or without. 

Please note that some items will not be available for off-site viewing. 

Those items will be noted by the following information in the video record:

Known Issue with Films on Demand

There appears to be an issue with Windows 7 that prevents access to Films on Demand videos when the link is clicked from a Microsoft document.

If at any time when using or searching for materials on the Films on Demand site you see the following image:

Please change your browser to Firefox and attempt your access again.

If the problem remains, or Firefox is not available at your workstation, try the following:

  1. Ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled (in Internet Explorer got to Tools> Internet Options> Privacy.
    Ensure that the check box is not selected).
  2. Go to A-Z List of e-Resources, the select "F"
  3. Click on Films on Demand link on the page. You may be asked to log in.
  4. Open a new Browser tab.
  5. Copy the link of the video you would like to see from the document or information you have been provided.
  6. Paste the link into the address bar of the new tab. You should see the video image on your screen and be able to play the video.

Please email Library AV Services ( if you encounter further issues with accessing digital streamed video materials.

  Click More Info       Then Click Embed

Copy the Video URL or the Embed Code.   Paste as necessary to suit your use. 

By Clicking the Edit Video you will be able to create your own clips of just the sections you would like to show.

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