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A-Z List of e-Resources

Find the best library e-resources for your research.


Permitted Uses of e-Resources

Printing or downloading a single article or short excerpt for research or private study is generally allowed. The following icons indicate if there are specific rules for each e-Resource:

Do Not Print  Printing is not allowed

  Downloading is not allowed

 Class handouts are allowed

 Class handouts are not allowed

 Non-SAIT users can access on site

 Can be shared between libraries

Disclaimer: The information on this page refers to common cases and uses. For more information, visit our Permitted Uses page or look for Terms of Use or Copyright information within the resource.

New / Trial e-Resources

The following e-resources are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
This portal is a collection of 69 primary sources. The portal was made possible thanks to several TAL member libraries and can be used by all Albertans for academic research, personal interest, or community projects.
Includes vehicle collision and repair information for Autobody and Automotive Service Technicians.
Interactive images and 3-D visuals of human anatomy.
Covers a broad range of subjects from fine, decorative and commercial art, to various areas of architecture and architectural design.
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers' collection of current and archival literature.
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers codes and standards cover many technical areas, such as fasteners, plumbing fixtures, elevators, pipelines, and power plant systems and components as well as the Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes (BPVC).
A Full-text resource including full-text articles from hundreds of economic journals.
Online drug reference and tool used by pharmacists and other health care professionals.
Comprehensive drug information including dosing administration warnings and precautions
Dental-specific pharmacology information.
PrepSTEP provides a comprehensive selection of academic and career-related resources for students.
Provides the tools needed to guide researchers through each step of the research process. Includes content from books, reference works, journals and instructional videos. Also includes Sage Research Method Cases.
Techstreet provides easy, immediate access to some of the largest collections of industry codes and standards through their web platform.
The following industry codes and standards are now available through Techstreet:
• All ASME standards and BPVC Codes
• All API standards
• The National Building Codes including the Canadian Fire and Plumbing Codes
• Alberta Building Code 2014
• Selected ISO standards for the WET programs
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