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2024 Open Education Week: March 4th - 8th

Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

Open Education Week is a celebration of the global Open Education Movement. Its goal is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Join in the celebration at the following events!

Join us!

The Reg Erhardt Library is joining libraries from across the globe to celebrate the 2024 OEWeek. Along with two special SAIT events, we will be highlighting online activities from other institutions. Check out the event line-up at SAIT and beyond now available at the library's Open Education Week Guide.

SAIT Events

Starting Monday, March 4th

Open Educational Resources (OER) Crossword Puzzle (Everyone)

Reg Erhardt Library, SAIT

Check out our huge crossword puzzle on the Library's purple wall. Learn and test your open educational resources (OER) knowledge. You can submit a completed puzzle sheet for a draw to Win 1 of 3 $10 Tim's cards.


Tuesday, March 5th

Give'n'Take: Faculty Share their OER Stories (Faculty Only)

11:30am - 12:30pm MT, AA128 Heritage Hall, SAIT (in-person)

Join us for a panel event with our very own Tim Wong (School of Manufacturing and Automation), Charissa Lee (School of Business) and Georgia Gaden Jones (Academic Services), as they share their use of OER and the impact on their students!

 Registration not required!

Thursday, March 7th

SAIT OER: Unlocking the Potential (Faculty Only)

12:00pm - 12:30pm MT, Reg Erhardt Library, SAIT (online)

Join the Library for an engaging 30-minute session that defines OER and its potential benefits for SAIT and students, as well as introduces you to the new Foundations of OER certificate program. Perfect for both SAIT newcomers and OER novices, this presentation is your key to understanding the world of "Open Educational Resources"!  There will be time for questions after the event.

Registration now open


North American Online Events

Monday, March 4th

Open Educational Resources: Building Equity in Education

12:00pm MT, Madison College (United States), Online

Registration Now Open!

What are Open Educational Resources (OER) and what role do they play in building equity into the educational landscape? OER goes beyond cost savings and provides customizable content which can reflect historically marginalized voices and viewpoints. This presentation will provide a foundation on what OER are, how they are used, and their importance in equity in education. Practical resources and tips for incorporating diverse content will also be provided. Join us for 45 minute information session.

Tuesday, March 5th

Leading Conversations on Academic Integrity: OER for Teaching and Learning

9:00am PT / 10:00am MT, University of British Columbia, Online

More information

This virtual panel and roundtable discussion identifies ways to incorporate discipline-based knowledge-building exercises on academic integrity in post-secondary classrooms. The panelists deliberate on the concept of learning culture and how to create teachable moments for student engagement. The event highlights the impact of developing OER and uses the case of a UBC Aspire (ALT-2040) Learning Transformations project, Discipline-based Approaches to Academic Integrity, to contextualize the discussion.

Participatory Publishing - Zine Assignments as Open Pedagogy

11:00am PT / 12:00pm MT, University of British Columbia, Online

The collapse of the internet into “five giant websites, each filled with screenshots of text from the other four” wasn’t inevitable. From privacy to harassment to garden-variety rip offs, the internet’s degradation was the result of identifiable policy choices that can – and must – be reversed. Learn how they broke the internet – and how we can fix it.

More information and registration

Overview of Creative Commons

12:00pm MT, Madison College (United States), Online

Registration Now Open!

You may have seen the term "Creative Commons" used to describe content online but what does it actually mean? Join this session to learn how the powerful Creative Commons license allows creators, educators, and learners to access and use content in ways traditional copyright doesn't allow. Leave the session with a digital reference toolbox of Creative Commons tools to start using CC licensed works and applying CC licenses to your own content. Audience: Everyone.

Wednesday, March 6th

Open Education in STEM
12:00pm MT, University of Calgary, Online

Registration Now Open!

This session includes 15 minute lightning talks and is part of the month-long Open Education Talks series. This initiative has been developed in partnership with the University of Calgary, Thompson Rivers University, and the University of Alberta.

  • Improving Success and Retention of Entry Level University Biological Sciences Students Through Creation of Open Videos Supporting Basic Chemistry Education – Natasha Ramroop-Singh
  • The Collaborative Creation of Buds, Branches and Bark – Julia Alards-Tomalin
  • Developing Digital Skills Through a Student-Facilitated Open Educational Resource – Kelly Schrum 
  • Empowering Education through Code: Collaborative Creation of Open Educational Resources – Shauna Roch and Jason Benoit 
  • Development of the General Biology Open Educational Resource (OER) Laboratory Manual – Dmitry Brogun, Farshad Tamari, Azure Faucette, and Kristin Polizzotto

Using Open Access Resources for Research
12:00pm MT, Madison College (United States), Online

Registration Now Open!

More scholarly content is being published Open Access (unrestricted and free to access) every day. This allows timely access to current research for everyone, including key topics such as health, climate data, and more. Join this workshop to learn how to discover Open Access content, and use it in research projects.

Thursday, March 7th

5 Tips to Improve Accessibility in OE and on-line courses
2pm MT, Saskatchwan Polytechnic, Online

Registration Now Open!

On-line resources and courses provide an opportunity to enhance accessibility. Join BC Campus Publishing Manager, Josie Gray as she provides 5 easy tips to enhance accessibility in the on-line, open environment.

Building Open Community: Lessons from the Commons
3pm PT / 2pm MT, Oregon State University (United States), Online

Registration Now Open!

Join this virtual watch party of Rajiv Jhangiani delivering a powerful keynote address at the 2024's Open Education Conference. We’ll watch the recorded session synchronously via Zoom with the option to use the chat feature for real-time discussion.

Friday, March 8th

Copyright and Licensing in Open Educational Resources
1:00pm PT / 2:00pm MT, University of British Columbia, Online

Registration Now Open!

Does your project include work created by others? Do you have questions about Creative Commons licenses and how to incorporate licensed works into your project? This session will introduce you to copyright basics for your OER project and take you through licensing considerations to insure that your work is reusable by others. Importantly it will also provide you with a simple workflow to help you identify and respect Creative Commons licensed works.

This session will cover:

  • Copyright basics including how copyright is assigned to a work
  • Rationale behind and purpose of open licenses
  • Identifying the 6 Creative Commons licenses and know how to assign them to OER
  • Applying Creative Commons licenses and ensure compatibility among the CC licensed works

Artificial Intelligence and OE 
11:00am MT, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Online

Registration Now Open!

Dr. Alex Couros of the University of Regina will discuss the positive and negative effects that artificial intelligence has, with a particular focus on OE.

General Activities

OER Mythbuster Word Search
Available now - click here
There's a lot of myth-information around OERs. Solve this Word Search puzzle to discover the truth for yourself!


Digital Escape Room: An "Open" Secret at the Reg Erhardt Library
Available now - click here
You’re locked in! Can you escape by completing the challenges set before you in this digital visit to the Reg Erhardt Library? There are no time limits, so just have fun while you read through the clues for each section.

Recorded Conference Sessions: Watch Whenever You Like!


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