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2022 Open Education Week: March 7th - 11th, 2022

OE Week 2022


Open Education Week is a celebration of the global Open Education Movement. Its goal is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Join us!

OER Mythbuster Word Search
Available now - click here
There's a lot of myth-information around OERs. Solve this Word Search puzzle to discover the truth for yourself!


Digital Escape Room: An "Open" Secret at the Reg Erhardt Library
Available now - click here
You’re locked in! Can you escape by completing the challenges set before you in this digital visit to the Reg Erhardt Library? There are no time limits, so just have fun while you read through the clues for each section.

SAIT students: Escape the Library, then enter your name by March 31st for a prize drawing.


Student Textbook Poll

We'd like to find out how much students spend on textbooks, and what access (if any) they have to OER materials.

Please help us out by completing this thirty-second poll - thanks!

Monday, March 7th

Open Education 101  

11:00-12:00 PT (12:00-13:00 MT), BCcampus (Online)

This session will provide an overview to the open education movement including what it is and why it matters. This session will cover: 

  • Definition and examples of open educational resources
  • Benefits of OER to both students and faculty
  • First steps toward adopting, adapting, or creating OER 
  • How to find additional support with OE at UBC Library

More information and registration

Tuesday, March 8th

OERigin Stories Book Launch
11:00-12:00 PT (12:00-11:00 MT), DIGITex (Online)

Join DIGITex for a  virtual party to celebrate the launch of OERigin Stories: Pathways to the Open Movement!  OERigin Stories features oral histories of six women of color working in Open Education reflecting on how they became involved with the movement and how they see their role in the future of the movement.


More information and registration

Wednesday, March 9th

Integrating an OER: A true learning adventure
12:00 MT, University of Alberta/University of Calgary/Thompson Rivers University (Online)
We are excited to share that Jacqueline Lyndon, SAIT Business faculty, will be presenting with student Kayla Arthur on Integrating an OER: A true learning adventure, at the inaugural Open Pedagogy Talks event co-hosted by University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and Thompson Rivers University.

Registration open now!


Open Education Alberta (OEA) Panel Discussion: Leading the Way in Open Textbook Publishing
13:30-14:30 MT, University of Alberta Centre for Teaching and Learning (Online)
A panel discussion featuring:

  • Christie Hurrell (University of Calgary)
  • Michelle Brailey (University of Alberta)
  • Jessica Norman (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)
  • Kalin Jensen (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)

Registration open now!

Thursday, March 10th

The 6R’s of Indigenous OER: Re-imagining OER to Honour Indigenous Knowledge and Sovereignty  
13:00-14:00 PT (14:00-15:00 MT), BCcampus (Online)

Open education is grounded in Western notions of copyright law and ownership and it often has a goal of making all knowledge available for all people. Within Canadian Copyright Law there is tension with Indigenous Knowledges, Ways of Knowing and Being. Within the open education community there needs to be careful consideration for Indigenous Knowledges and self-determination, which are deeply rooted in community defined ethics and protocols, and that do not fit into ordinary academic contexts.

Join us for a chat with Kayla Lar-Son who will explore some of the concerns around OER and Indigenous Knowledges, while exploring tools, principles, and practices for engaging with Indigenous communities.

More information and registration


The Path to the Future: Open Homework Systems 
10:00-11:00 PT (11:00-12:00 MT), Douglas College, BC (Online)

Hear from two Douglas College faculty members who use two different open homework systems. David Wright, Chair, English Department, will be focusing on how to get started with H5P to create interactive content for students.  Jennifer Kikey, Physics, will discuss a project to develop open-source online individualized homework through WeBWork problem sets.  WebWork has been used by the mathematics community for decades and has a large and growing Open Problem Library. 

More information and registration

Friday, March 11th

OER at SAIT : Celebrating Our Achievements!
10:00-11:00 MT, Reg Erhardt Library, SAIT (Online)
Wondering what's the big deal about Open Educational Resources?  Curious to know the impact of OER at SAIT?  Want to know how you can get involved in open educational practices?  Attend this session to learn about the latest OER activities at SAIT, the amazing value to students, and how instructors and programs can get support to transition to OER in their courses.
*This session will be recorded.  If you cannot attend, please register to receive a link to the recording.*

Registration now open!


Open Oregon Keynote: Toward Openness that Promotes Social Justice with Maha Bali 
10:00-11:30 PT (11:00-12:30 MT), Open Oregon (Online)

In this 90-minute presentation, Dr. Maha Bali will share different perspectives on the design and practice of open education that promotes social justice. Dr. Bali will encourage participants to reflect on their own educational practices and to evaluate the assumption that openness inherently promotes social justice. We will explore how to strengthen the social justice orientation of open course materials and practices in order to promote social justice for diverse communities and groups. Participants can look forward to a high level of interaction and real-time collaboration during our time together. The session will be recorded and captioned to share later.

More information and registration

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