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Open Education Week: March 1st - 5th, 2021

Open Education Week Activities at SAIT


Open Education Week is a celebration of the global Open Education Movement. Its goal is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Join us!

Monday, March 1st

Digital Escape Room: An "Open" Secret at the Reg Erhardt Library
Available all week online - click here
You’re locked in! Can you escape by completing the challenges set before you in this digital visit to the Reg Erhardt Library? There are no time limits, so just have fun while you read through the clues for each section.

SAIT students: Escape the Library, then enter your name by March 5th for a drawing at the end of OE Week. 


Open Education: Improving Access and Fostering Change  
11am-12pm MT, Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Online)  
In this session, Amanda Coolidge, Director of Open Education at BCcampus, will walk participants through the what, why, and how of open educational resources. She will share issues of access, affordability, and equitable design principles that lay the foundations for open practice. Further, she will highlight the digital inequities that have been surfaced and heightened as a result of the pandemic and how open practices can, in some ways, alleviate those inequities. In addition, Amanda will share examples of open education practices in the post secondary environment.
Register here

OER Drop-In Discussion: OER Mythbusting
2pm-2:45pm, SAIT (Online)

Bring your coffee & your questions. Let's separate fact from fiction when it comes to OERs! Come learn the straight scoop on OER benefits and drawbacks, as well as SAIT's current activities.
Register here


Tuesday, March 2nd

Using Open Educational Practices to Enhance Students Learning and Engagement.
9am-10:30am MT, University of Calgary (Online)
Open educational practices such as co-designing an open textbook can provide graduate students with enhanced choice and voice in their education. This workshop will draw on lessons learned from a case study in the Master of Education program where students collaborated with their instructor to co-design and co-create an open educational resource (OER). 
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5 Lessons from OER Policy  
11am-11:50am MT, University of Alberta Open Ed Week Symposium (Online)

Join Jessica Norman, OER Librarian at SAIT, to discuss:
What does OER look like through an institutional lens as opposed to an individual lens?  How does an institution support quality OER projects as faculty activity increases? As OER becomes more mainstream, the question of how to build a mature, sustainable program becomes significant.  Let's identify core elements of a sustainable institutional program and look at the real-world experience of implementing those elements at SAIT.  Registration is open to all - more details are available at the U of A page.


Wednesday, March 3rd

Food for Thought: A Drop-in Lunchtime Conversation hosted by Jessica Norman  
12pm–12:50pm MT, University of Alberta Open Ed Week Symposium (Online)

Whew.... there's lots to take in during Open Education Week.  Time to take a break and reflect on all you've heard so far.  Grab your lunch and join us for a virtual conversation - what's going on with OER at your institution?  Registration is open to all - more details are available at the U of A page.


Thursday, March 4th

Open Education: A Discussion with Kory Wilson  
11am-12pm MT, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Kory Wilson, Executive Director, Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships at BCIT, is deeply committed to education which looks at innovative and creative solutions that are needed to move Reconciliation into ReconciliACTION. Education is critical to ensure everyone has access to knowledge to move forward.
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OER Drop-in Discussion: Video Viewing Party  

10am-10:45am, SAIT (Online)
Join Jessica Norman for an OE Week viewing party and discussion.  Before the session, pick one of the following short videos to view:

We will then come together to talk about the videos and OER in general.
Register here

Activities Available Any Time, Any Where

Watch whenever it's convenient for you!


Try a 10 minute activity

BCcampus is hosting an Open Education Challenge Series for educators interested in learning more about open education practices (OEP). From March 1 to March 5, they will release two challenges a day. (A challenge is a micro activity that you can do in 10 minutes or less.)  Everyone is welcome to participate and topics to explore include open licences, open textbooks, and perhaps even open pedagogy! This isn’t a bootcamp or crash course in open education: it’s more of a tasting buffet of appetizers, designed to allow even the most time-constrained educators to participate.



For more information about the International Open Education Week Event, visit the official website.  Learn more about OER at SAIT at our website. This schedule of events is subject to change - please check back often for the latest information.


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