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2023 Open Education Week: March 6th-10th


Schedule of Events

Open Education Week is a celebration of the global Open Education Movement. Its goal is to raise awareness about the movement and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Join in the celebration at the following events!

SAIT Events

Thursday, March 9th

OER at SAIT: Using Open-licensed Images

1:00pm - 1:50pm MT, Reg Erhardt Library, SAIT (online)

If you are looking for quality, copyright-free images for school presentations, projects, and curriculum, this is the workshop for you!  Learn what makes open-licensed images easier to work with, where to find these images, and how to cite them in your work. This session will be recorded - if you cannot attend the live event, please register to receive a link to the recording.

Registration open now!

Friday, March 10th

OER at SAIT: Celebrating Our Achievements!

10:00am - 10:50am MT, Reg Erhardt Library, SAIT (on-campus)

Wondering what's the big deal about Open Educational Resources?  Curious about the impact of OER at SAIT?  Want to know how you can get involved in open educational practices?  Stop by this session for games, activities, and refreshments to celebrate OER.

This is a drop-in event - registration not required


North American Online Events

Friday, March 3rd

Increasing Equity with Open Educational Practices

11:00am PST, Maskwacis Culture College (Alberta), Online

What does it mean to design courses for equity in higher education? Phoebe Daurio and Veronica Vold from Open Oregon Educational Resources provide an overview of open educational practices and invite you to explore how they increase equity at the course and program level. 

More information and registration

Monday, March 6th

What are Open Educational Practices? How do I Get Started?

1:30pm CST, University of Saskatchewan, Online

This introductory session will review the basics of open education practices.

More information and registration


Open Carefully - Pursuing Open with an Ethic of Care

2:00pm PST, University of British Columbia, Online

Open practices offer so much: reduced financial burden in accessing materials, broader availability of research for more kinds of scholars, and unparalleled opportunities to make learning materials relevant and contextual for learners. But in a moment where teaching and learning professionals are focusing on pandemic-era questions of care, where does open fit in? Is open “enough,” or are there ways to expand our understanding of openness to embrace a broader vision of access, inclusion, and care-centred pedagogy?

In this talk, Dr. Brenna Clarke Gray discusses the accessibility, ethical, and care-centred concerns that emerge in open practice and offers some solutions for approaching the work with an ethic of care. Brenna Clarke Gray (she/her/hers) is Coordinator, Educational Technologies at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia.

More information and registration


Copyright and Licensing in Open Educational Resources
11:00am PST, University of British Columbia, Online

Does your project include work created by others? Do you have questions about Creative Commons licences and how to incorporate licensed works into your project? This session will introduce you to copyright basics for your OER project and take you through licensing considerations to ensure that your work is reusable by others. Importantly, it will also provide you with a simple workflow to help you identify and respect Creative Commons–licensed works.

This session will cover:

  •    Copyright basics, including how copyright is assigned to a work
  •     Rationale behind and purpose of open licences
  •     Identifying the 6 Creative Commons licences and know how to assign them to OER
  •     Applying Creative Commons licences and ensure compatibility among CC-licensed works

More information and registration

Tuesday, March 7th

LibreTexts 101: Building the Textbook of the Future
12:00pm PST, LibreTexts Foundation, Online

Dr. Delmar Larsen, Executive Director and Founder,  will provide a topical overview of LibreTexts‘ suite of tools and technologies that can be used to advance the building and usage of OER textbooks, assessments, and other activities. Registering for a free LibreTexts account is recommended before attending this session.

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Wednesday, March 8th

Using Open Education in Student and Academic Development 
12:00pm - 1:15pm MST, University of Calgary, Online

Registration open now!

This session includes 15 minute lightning talks and is part of the month-long Open Education Talks series presented by Werklund School of Education.

  • Building Institutional Supports for Open Educational Practices. Rajiv Jhangiani will be hosting this short online session
  • Integrating Open Recognition into Program and Course Designs. Doug Belshaw, Laura Hilliger, and Anne Hilliger will host this short online session.
  • Ill-Advised and Brave: On Pursuing Tenure in the Open. Brenna Clarke Gray will be hosting this short online session.
  • Developing Your Teaching Dossier: A Customizable Asynchronous Series for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows. Samantha Chang and Michal Kasprzak will host this short online session.
  • Developing an OER Resume Catalogue: Creating For Users Beyond the Classroom. Noah Arney, Sarah Gibson, and Leanne Mihalicz will be hosting this short online session. A question and answer session will follow this presentation.


Equity and Open Education Faculty Panel

2pm-3pm PST, Open Oregon, Online

Faculty often assume that their course is more equitable when they adopt affordable materials, and it is true that affordable materials remove a significant barrier to success. However, an open license does not ensure that the course materials or course design are inclusive of the diverse students in our classrooms. Jen Klaudinyi, Faculty Librarian at Portland Community College, developed the Equity and Open Education Faculty Cohort curriculum to address this issue. This webinar also features panelists of faculty from institutions such as Portland Community College, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, and Central Oregon Community College. The session will be recorded and captioned for later use.

Registration open now!

Thursday, March 9th

The Advantages of Using OER Among the Disadvantaged
1:00pm PST, CCCOER, Online

Join Tonja Conerly, Professor of Sociology, San Jacinto College, and former CCCOER Executive Council co-VP of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion  as she shares her OER research on the benefits of OER for women, the disabled, and people over 40. 

More information and registration

Friday, March 10th

Harnessing the Resilience Within 
3pm-4:30pm, Open Oregon, Online
In this 90 minute webinar Mays Imad will use neurobiology theory to examine the intimate relationship between equity, radical hospitality, and trauma-informed education. Meaningful social connections inform our sense of safety and serve as the underlying basis for our thoughts, behaviours, and feelings. Mays will examine polyvagal theory, which describes the nervous system as having a hierarchical organization. At the top of the hierarchy is our social engagement system, which helps us connect and navigate relationships.

Mays will provide a more in-depth definition of polyvagal theory and discuss its application in the context of teaching, learning, and higher education. There will also be discussion of the relationship between culturally-responsive teaching and successful student engagement along with examining the scientific basis of emotional regulation and resilience. The session will be recorded and captioned if you want to refer back to it or share it.

Registration now open!


General Activities

OER Mythbuster Word Search
Available now - click here
There's a lot of myth-information around OERs. Solve this Word Search puzzle to discover the truth for yourself!


Digital Escape Room: An "Open" Secret at the Reg Erhardt Library
Available now - click here
You’re locked in! Can you escape by completing the challenges set before you in this digital visit to the Reg Erhardt Library? There are no time limits, so just have fun while you read through the clues for each section.

Recorded Conference Sessions: Watch Whenever You Like!


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