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Open Educational Resources at SAIT: OER at SAIT

Informational site about OER materials and practices at SAIT

The OER Program at SAIT

The Open Educational Resources Program at SAIT is a newly formed area which encompasses all aspects of locating, modifying, creating, curating, and sustaining OER at our institution.   The following documents have been developed to support this program:

Activities at SAIT

OER activities at SAIT have grown over the last couple of years as more faculty are adapting OERs for use in their classrooms.  The list below is just a sample of the projects that have been completed at SAIT.

OER Projects at SAIT

  • MATH 172, 237, 260, 280
  • STAT 245
  • COMM 238, 256, 288
  • COMN 220, 1070
  • HSCI 300
  • MEDL 335/380
  • COMP 213
  • STCS242
  • STML246
  • CIVL318

Why OER at SAIT?

Textbook Broke - Open Educational Resources is produced by the SAIT Student Association (SAITSA) and is used with their permission.

SAIT Champions

Looking for More Information and Support?

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (oncampus link) and the Reg Erhardt Library are uniquely suited to provide support to instructors locating, evaluating, and using OERs in the classroom.

CLT and the Library currently provide individualized support to faculty working on OER projects.  CLT can provide information about OER use within curriculum development, while the Library supports OER activities by assisting faculty with locating and evaluating resources.

This site is created and maintained by the Reg Erhardt Library.  Contact Jessica Norman with any questions or comments.  Unless otherwise noted, this guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0).

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