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SAIT 3D Library: About the Project

Learn about a new initative to support 3D model creation and use at SAIT

In partnership with the MacPhail School of Energy, the Reg Erhardt Library is building an open access digital collection of 3D models for teaching and learning at SAIT.

We invite faculty, staff, and students to experiment with creating models of objects (e.g. tools, equipment, and industrial components) or scenes (e.g. landscapes, buildings, and physical spaces) that can be shared in various formats like 3D PDFs, specialized software, or through virtual and augmented reality. 

Provided a model meets the criteria outlined in the SAIT 3D Library Guidelines, it can be uploaded to the 3D modeling platform Sketchfab and catalogued in the Library’s digital archives. After upload, the model can also be annotated and embedded into Brightspace or on webpages, like the example Lensometer model below.

3D data and technologies provide realistic representations of primary source material — the things themselves — rather than the textual description and interpretation that make up traditional educational and scholarly sources, such as books and articles. 

All disciplines that engage with real-world objects like equipment, materials, and anatomical structures can benefit from integrating 3D content into curriculum. Teaching with 3D can boost engagement and learning retention while developing the digital literacy skills of students.



Find more examples in the platforms and resources below:

Create a 3D Model

There are multiple methods and tools available to create 3D models.

Current models in the Library were created using the process of photogrammetry, which involves aggregating detail of the objects by taking hundreds of high-definition photos that are edited and processed through a specialized software program, Agisoft Metashape.

The MacPhail School of Energy is developing an open access manual that details how to create a 3D model using this process. The manual will be uploaded to GitHub - check back soon for a link to access this resource!

You can also learn about creating 3D models using the resources below:


Publish your Model

Provided your model meets the criteria outlined in the SAIT 3D Model Library Guidelines, you can request for it to be uploaded and added to the Library's online resources.

Fill out the 3D Model Information for Cataloging form to submit a request to publish.

After receiving the form, the Library will email you with instructions on how to send the file for your model and any relevant supporting documentation.


Get Support

For questions about publishing your 3D model or to learn more about this project, please contact:

    Kelley Wadson
    Research and Instruction Librarian

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