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SCIE2230: Science of Health and Wellness: Finding Information

Searching the Library

Library Search

Advanced Library Search

This search box will look through most of the library's collection, including all physical books and most e-books, articles, videos, etc.

At the results page, use the limiters and facets to the left to narrow your search. Consider limiting to books (which includes e-books) to find in-depth authoritative sources on your topic.

For more search tips, check the developing a search strategy section on this guide.

Finding Information Using Google

Google Web Search

Google Tips and Tricks

1. Add to search for Canadian content. This works for other domains too, such as for Canadian government for colleges and universities.

2. Add type: to search for a specific file type. A good strategy is to include type:pdf to limit to PDFs (or sites with PDFs) as you're more likely to find published and/or authoritative sources.

3. Use after: or before: to limit to dates. For example, after:2020 will search for websites with a published date of 2021-present.

4. Use the minus sign (-) in place of NOT to remove results with a certain word.

5. Like in Library Search, use Quotes (" ") to find phrases, such as "Southern Alberta Institute of Technology" or "Repetitive Strain Injury". 

6. Use the Advanced Search. The Advanced Search will make it easier to break up your concepts and search strategically. It will also allow you to automatically include some of the above search limiters.

7. Evaluate critically. Be careful about using any result you find online, as there may be bias, issues with credibility, and sometimes just downright lies. Evaluate your information using RADAR.

Here are some examples of searches in Google (note: Google sometimes ignores search modifiers without explanation):

Search Used to find...
"hepatitis b" vaccine Information about the hepatitis b vaccine limited to Canadian sites
"heart disease" "risk factors" COVID type:pdf after:2021 PDFs or websites with PDFs that provide information about risk factors for heart disease and COVID published or last updated after 2021 (i.e. 2022-present)
arthritis -rheumatoid Information about arthritis without including information about rheumatoid arthritis

Tip: You may also want to search in Google Scholar which contains citations to a vast majority of academic articles.

Subject Specific Sources

Not all sources are included in the Library's search box, and for some topics, the results may be overwhelming. You may want to go to a subject specific e-resource. Here are some suggestions:

Borrow from other Libraries

Can't get access to an article from a journal we don't subscribe to? Want to read a book you saw mentioned somewhere else? Request materials through interlibrary loan.

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