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Research Tutorial: Find Sources in the Library

Find Sources in the Library

The Library has millions of subscription and open access resources to use in your course assignments. You need to know what to search and what to look for.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify resources available to you in the Library
  • Use keywords to search in the Library

How to Complete this Module

STEP 1: Watch the video below

STEP 2: Search for resources and track what you find using the Search Term Tracking Worksheet

OPTIONAL: Check the Primo Help pages for assistance with the search interface

STEP 1: Watch this Video

OPTIONAL: Primo Help Pages

Need help with the search interface? Check out the supporting documentation below.

Boolean Operators

Use AND to narrow your search. All keywords will be present in the results.

Use OR to broaden your search by connecting synonyms. Any keyword may be included in your results.

Use NOT to narrow your search by excluding results. Records with keywords will be removed from your results.

Use " " (phrase searching) to search for any phrase that you want to find (i.e.: "global warming")

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