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Information Literacy Toolkit: Welcome to SAIT's IL Toolkit

Find resources and tools for designing new or revising existing assignments to strength the information literacy skills of your students

Introduction to the Information Literacy Toolkit

This Information Literacy (IL) Toolkit provides faculty and staff with a variety of tools to use when designing new assignments or revising existing assignments with research components.

Why was this Toolkit developed?

This toolkit has been developed by the SAIT Library, in partnership with CADI, to support instructors with:

  • Identifying opportunities in their courses to introduce or reinforce IL skills
  • Creating new assignments with research requirements
  • Revising existing assignments with research requirements
  • Incorporating information about supports available to students
  • Determining the extent and nature of IL within an assignment or course
  • Assessing how IL in one course fits into the broader curriculum

How do I use this Toolkit?

If you are new to IL, go to the What is Information Literacy page to learn the fundamental concepts. From there, or if you are already familiar with IL, see the Tools & Quality Practices page for practical ways to integrate IL into course assignments and curriculum.

Please note that not every aspect of this toolkit will be applicable to a particular assignment. While this toolkit can be used independently, we recommend connecting with a Librarian when incorporating IL into your course.

EDI Acknowledgment

This toolkit centres a Western-oriented approach to knowledge production and consumption. We recognize that there are many alternative, equally valid approaches to information-gathering, creation, and use, and hope to explore these approaches in the near future and incorporate them where it is appropriate and useful to the SAIT community. 

Faculty who are interested in the intersections of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and IL may wish to explore concepts such as Critical Information Literacy and Indigenous Information Literacy, and connect with a Librarian to further discuss these concepts.

Get Support

You are strongly encouraged to share and co-develop research assignments with your Librarian.

They can help with IL-related tasks like refining research skill outcomes, developing topics, and checking that the Library has enough resources available to your students.

On a broader level, a Librarian can also provide perspective on how the individual assignment fits within the curriculum of the program.


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