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Research Tutorial: Introduction to the Library

This Library Skills Tutorial will introduce you to some basic research concepts that will help you research more effectively.

Module 1: Introduction to the Library

Learning Objectives

This module will illustrate key features of the Reg Erhardt Library website, including your library account.

Learning Outcomes
  • Recognize what library services are available to them both online and in person
  • Identify where to request their library pin in order to access e-resources
  • Identify where to login to their library account once they have their pin 


This research tutorial is designed to be viewed either sequentially (progressing from Module 1-Module 6) or independently (if you need a refresher or help on a particular topic). There are quizzes at the end of each major module for you to self-test your learning. 

If you need help finding, using, or evaluating information at any point, don't hesitate to connect with the library:


Module 1

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