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Women in Trades and Technology (WITT): Home

Committee at SAIT

Women in Trades and Technology

SAIT's Women in Trades and Technology (WITT) Committee wants to enhance and promote women in our trades and technology programs and provide them with all the tools they need to accomplish their goals.

In the Reg Erhardt Library, we have a photographic display which presents SAIT's Women in Trades and Technology in historic and modern times.

This LibGuide provides resources available in the library to learn more about WITT.

To browse for more resources, try this example keyword search in the library's search box for women in trades and technology and/or STEM: 

                      women AND (trades OR apprenticeship OR STEM)


Photo: SAIT. (n.d.).


Email to learn more about SAIT's Women in Trades and Technology and their upcoming initiatives and events.

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