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Research Tutorial: Getting Started with Research

PLEASE NOTE: As of June 24th, we are operating on a new library platform. Screenshots in this tutorial will look different, but the principles remain the same. An updated tutorial is in the works for Fall 2020.

Learning Objectives

This module will teach students how to build an effective search strategy using key words and concepts defined from a research question. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Construct a research question based upon their information need
  • Identify key words and concepts within their research question
  • Apply synonyms and related words to their identified key words and concepts
  • Choose appropriate Boolean operators to construct a search string 

Module 2, Part 1: Creating a Search Strategy

Module 2, Part 2: Putting Together Your Search Terms

Additional Content

See if you can identify keywords for these research topics.

Visit our research strategy page for more help.

Boolean Operators

Use AND to narrow your search. All keywords will be present in the results.

Use OR to broaden your search by connecting synonyms. Any keyword may be included in your results.

Use NOT to narrow your search by excluding results. Records with keywords will be removed from your results.

Use " " (phrase searching) to search for any phrase that you want to find (i.e.: "global warming") 

Boolean Operators Explained: Pirates vs Ninjas

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