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Scholarly Activity: Scholarly Activity Definition

A guide to assist SAIT Faculty with the dissemination of scholarly activity.

Scholarly Activity Definition

SAITNOW (login required) outlines criteria that details what scholarly activity looks like at SAIT. But in a general sense, scholarly activity is any work –either research, or creative work –that is conducted, peer reviewed and publicly disseminated.

Why Do Scholarly Activity?

Why do scholarly activity? Engaging in scholarly activity has a breadth of benefits at both the individual and the institutional level. Participating in scholarly activity allows faculty to advance their existing knowledge, which in turn benefits students through learning current practices and innovative thinking. Scholarly activity informs professional practice and contributes to industry; meaning that instructors will be embedded in emerging trends in their field and students will be exposed to the latest innovations giving them an edge in the job market. At the institutional level, scholarly activity contributes to program quality and supports SAIT in meeting the requirements for the Canadian Degree Qualifications Framework (CDQF).

Faculty Resources at SAIT Polytechnic

Useful Scholarly Communication Websites

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