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Humanities Resources: Search the Library

This guide is designed for use in HUMN2010, but can be used for any humanities research topic.

Search tips

When conducting research on humanities topics, it's a good idea to consider the work, author, or genre as your main search terms. For example, if you're reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath start by searching for "bell jar" and Plath. Narrow your search by adding thematic words and phrases - i.e. "bell jar" identity. You might also use historical eras (e.g. Victorian) genres, (e.g. jazz) or theories (e.g. post-modern, feminist, marxist, etc.) when searching for resources.

Need help coming up with search terms? Visit the Library's Get Help page for research assistance or contact the library.

Search through University of Calgary or Mount Royal to find books and articles on your topics.

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