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COVID-19 Library Service Information: Due Dates + Late Fees

Due Dates + Late Fees

How can I return or renew items that I’ve borrowed?

At this time, we cannot accept return of library materials.

DO NOT come to campus to return or renew library materials. We have automatically renewed most items until September 10, 2020.


What if I have a late fee or there’s a hold on my account?

We are not accepting fine payments in any form at this time.

The library will cancel late fees from March 13, 2020 until we are able to accept returns. Once we are able to accept returns, you will get plenty of time to return you library materials before we resume charging late fees.

If we’ve placed a hold on your registration account, contact us at We will work with you to remove any financial holds the library has placed on your account.

Please disregard any notices or emails you receive from the library about picking up items, due dates or overdues until we return to normal operations.

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