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Researching Popular Culture: Pop Culture Resources

A research guide for pop culture media of all kinds

Primary and Secondary Sources

There are two main types of sources included in this guide. The first are primary sources, which are original accounts of or representations of an event or idea. Within the realm of pop culture, primary sources are things like movies, audio clips, books and games; they ARE the media. Secondary sources are one step removed from a primary source. Typically, they are an interpretation, review, or analysis of the original media. Film reviews, book club blogs and collections of statistics fit into this category, because they talk ABOUT the media.

When researching popular culture, it is important to remember this distinction. Primary sources allow you to analyze their content yourself, while secondary sources provide context and contemporary thoughts on the original source.

Primary Sources

Textual Resources Online

Make use of the online e-resources the library has to offer accessible through the Reg Erhardt Library website.

  • E-books
    • Browse our online catalogue to discover books that, while we may not have a print copy, we have access to an online ebook.
  • Online Magazines
    • Browse our online catalogue to discover and read magazines that we don't have available in print.

Film and Video Resources Online

Access our video streaming services by clicking on the links below:

Physical Collections

All of the below are available for loan at the Reg Erhardt Library, located in Stan Grad Centre.

  • Fiction
    • Juvenile, young adult, an array of adult fiction, and graphic novels.
  • Board Games
    • Such as Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, to name a few.
  • Motion Picture Scripts
    • Including Ghostbusters, Pulp Fiction, Being John Malkovich, and more.
  • Magazines
    • A variety of magazines are available ranging in subjects from coding to yoga.
  • Home Use Video
    • Professional, travel, and motion picture videos, among others.

Secondary Sources

Criticism and Theory e-Resources

Use the following databases to find authoritative information for your next paper, research project, or to satisfy your own curious mind.


Below are a few books based on popular culture and how it affects modern culture and society. Keep in mind this is just a small sample of our collection; please search our online catalogue for more content.

Journals & Magazines

Here we have a number of periodicals accessible online. They cover a variety of viewpoints, but this represents just a small part of our collection; please feel free to use our Journal Finder to see if we have something more specific to what you're looking for.

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