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Inclusive Library Instruction: UID

Action items and suggestions for inclusive teaching in the library classroon.

UID Applications

  • Use a variety of delivery methods for your instruction sessions
  • Make sure information is available in a variety of formats (i.e. print, digital, etc.)
  • Allow students to find different ways of communicating with one another and with instructors.
  • Provide prompts during activities and feedback upon completion of assignments
  • Allow for flexible opportunities for students to demonstrate knowledge
  • Ensure access to classrooms and materials is available to students with a wide range of physical abilities

UID Process and Goal

According to the University of Washington DO-IT Center the goal of UID to maximize the learning of students by applying the principles of UD (Universal Design) to all aspects of instruction.


Universal Instruction Design

According to the University of Guelph Universal Instructional Design involves considering the potential needs of all learners when delivering and designing instruction. The aim is to reduce barriers to teaching and learning.


UID Principles

There are 7 principles of UID:

  1. accessibility and fairness
  2. flexibility
  3. consistent and straightforward
  4. be explicit
  5. show support to students
  6. minimize physical effort
  7. accommodate students and teaching methods    
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