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PROJ 386 & 387: CVT Capstone Project: Finding Information

How to find the information and data you need for your final project

Discover books, articles, media and more

Library Search

Advanced Library Search

Finding Subject Specific Information

If you need secondary sources about engineering or construction topics, check out these databases:

For a complete list of resources on these topics, go to:

Building Design Resources

Some design projects will involve renovation of existing buildings or design of new buildings.  Information for architectural design best practices of building interiors can be found in:

The library also has titles on building renovation practices:

Finding Information Using Google

Google Web Search

Google Tips and Tricks

1. Add to search for Canadian content. This works for other domains too, such as for Canadian government for colleges and universities.

2. Use the minus sign (-) in place of NOT to remove results with a certain word.

3. Like in Library Search, use Quotes (" ") to find phrases, such as "Southern Alberta Institute of Technology" or "Repetitive Strain Injury". 

4. Use the Advanced Search. The Advanced Search will make it easier to break up your concepts and search strategically. 

5. Evaluate critically. Be careful about using any result you find online, as there may be bias, issues with credibility, and sometimes just downright lies. Evaluate your information using RADAR.


Need scholarly research, conference proceedings, patents, and more? Try Google Scholar

Need just patents? Try Google Patents 

Need Help Searching?

If you need a reminder about using the library's search tools, watch this short video

Standards and Codes

Access construction & engineering standards via the Library:

  • ASTM
  • ASME
  • ISO
  • And many more!

Accessing Building Codes

The National Building Code and derivatives (National Electrical, Energy, and Fire codes as well as Alberta versions of the codes) are available as a free download for personal use.  The NRC has made it very easy, with a direct download option from their archive:

As well, the NRC is now offering free electronic access to the related user’s guides, including:

Need Data?

You can find demographic, geographic, and economic data via various government agencies:


The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)  classifies businesses in the same industry with a common code. Learn more and find definitions on the Statistics Canada website. The following codes may be useful for your project:

541330 - Engineering Services

2379 - Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction 

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