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PROJ 357: Applied EDDT Capstone Project: Evaluating Information

How to find the information and data you need for your final project

Use Your RADAR

The RADAR framework provides criteria to help you evaluate the quality, credibility, and relevance of any source of information. Keep these questions in mind when considering if you should use a source - whether print, online, or other media - in your assignment.

Relevance - is the information/source important to my specific topic or research question?

Authority -  was it written by a credible expert? Is the publisher reputable?

Date - when was the source published or last updated? Is it an acceptable time frame for my topic?

Appearance - does the source follow the form and structure of its genre? Does it look trustworthy?

Reason - why was the information produced in the first place? Who was it written for?

Evaluating Technical Information

When evaluating a piece of information, determine how you will use that information in your report. How do you plan on drawing from the author to provide data, demonstrate a method, or strengthen your recommendation?

Authority is important with businesses and corporations. If there is no author for a piece of information, the authority is the publishing body or the business putting the information out.

Similarly, determine the reason for publication. Is the business trying to promote a product? Discuss a success or failure? Publish company information?

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