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Personal Productivity Tools: Collaboration & Storage Tools

Find software and online tools to help you manage your research projects, your time, and your team.

Other Useful Tools

File Backup/ Sharing/ Storage Sites

Dropbox - Up to 2GB of free online storage which can be accessed across multiple platforms.  Holds large files and collections (PDFs, photos, videos, music).  Can also easily share these files with others.

Papers - Specialized program that organizes and syncs research materials (PDFs, websites, patents files) across multiple platforms. Includes many popular search engines (PubMed, Google Scholar, Scopus, etc.).

Google Drive - Up to 15GB of free online storage which can be accessed across multiple platforms.  Integrated with other Google products (docs, sheets, slides, forms, photos).



Doodle - A simple tool you can use to schedule meetings with faculty or groups of students and take quick polls or surveys. No downloads are needed.


Collaboration Tools

Google Apps for Work - Includes web-based word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Can be shared easily and edited by multiple individuals at the same time. Google Hangouts+ will run video calls for a gorup.

Twiddla - The free site requires no downloads or plug-ins to access a shared whiteboard or document.



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