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Scholarly Activity: Support for Faculty

A guide to assist SAIT Faculty with the dissemination of scholarly activity.

What supports are available to faculty?

In-Depth Research 

Librarians at SAIT are available for one-on-one research consultations. Faculty can contact their library liaison's with research concerns including how to get a project started, the research lifecycle, finding a journal to publish in, and anything else related to scholarly activity. Your liaison librarian can support you at any stage of your project.

Faculty Workshops

Throughout the semester faculty can attend workshops run by the library. Topics include: How to read an academic article, Literature review basics, Google Scholar, and more!

Meet your Liaison Librarian for In-Depth Support

Luke Malone. Liaison: Business.  
Book an appointment here

Jessica Norman. Liaison: Construction, Manufacturing and Automation.
Book an appointment here

AnneMarie de Groot. Liaison: Transportation.
Book an appointment here

Kevin Tanner. Liaison: Learner and Academic Services.  
Book an appointment here

Kristian McInnis. Liaison: Information and Communications Technologies.
Book an appoinment here

Jessica Leslie. Liaison: Hospitality and Tourism.
Book an appointment here

Hilary Stamper. Liaison: MacPhail School of Energy.
Book an appointment here

Morgan Hordal - ON LEAVE. Liaison: Health and Public Safety. Direct all inquiries to

Additional Resources

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