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Chemical Laboratory Technology: Find Videos

Chemical Laboratory and Analysis resources

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The Chem lab : safety in every step.  20 min.

Maximize your knowledge and minimize your risk! That's the primary message of this program, an informative introduction to the chemistry laboratory that shows high school and first-year college students precisely how to conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner. Familiarity with the properties and safe handling of all materials used in the lab is stressed, including how to dispose of hazardous waste, and the proper use of safety gear and equipment is explained. How to react in the case of a lab emergency is also discussed.


Streaming video and DVD are great to support your research paper or show during presentations.  Find videos on all sorts of techniques from the field of analytical chemistry so various types of physical evidence such as glass, soil, drugs, ink, paint, body fluids and tissues, explosives, and petroleum products can be examined. Search using the drop-down subjects menu, or do a keyword search. All videos are broken up into segments and cleared for classroom viewing.

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