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Pharmacy Resources: Articles

Resources that will help pharmacy students with their studies.

Tips when looking for Journal Articles

Find reliable & authoritative articles from trustworthy journals on pharmaceutical-related topics.

1) Pick your topic.   Be prepared to broaden or narrow it based on your search results.

2) Identify 3-5 key words.  Try related adjectives if a keyword does not yield results.

3) Pick a database (a collection of articles, books, videos, and reports) or journal(s)  to search.  Try alternative databases if your first choice isn't producing results.
Ask yourself :  Is this database related to my topic? 
                      What is its coverage? How many years does it cover?
                      Is it Canadian?  Does its country of origin matter?


4) Evaluate your results.  

Ask yourself :  Does the journal have authority within the industry?
                      Does the author have authority within the industry? 
                      What are his/her/their credentials?
                      Who is my audience?  Is the article too simple/ too advanced for my audience? 


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