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Standards & Codes: General Use

Find international, national and regional standards and codes by industry in print and electronic formats.

American National Standards Institute – ANSI

ANSI oversees the development and use of standards by accrediting the procedures of standards developers and approving their documents as American National Standards. 

American Society for Testing and Materials – ASTM

Or, look at our collection of print ASTM Standards.

Canadian Electrical Code – CEC

The 2012 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I is an integral part of the Canadian Electrical Safety System’s standards and codes for installers, workers and consumers. 

Canadian Standards Association – CSA

IHS Standards Expert

Finding standards & codes

Standards & codes are located on Level 1 of the Library. Search the library catalogue for standards by entering the full name of the organization and the words “standards”. Use the tab navigation above to find industry-specific standards & codes.

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