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Power Engineering Technology: Search the Library

Power engineering and process control resources


This guide will help you search resources for your research question and provide tips in searching effectively.  Skip to what you need the most.  New to the topic you are searching, please use the Library Search on this page.  Then, move to articles and databases for more information.

Keywords and Search Terms

Once you've decided on your topic, be sure to pick out the keywords - the big ideas or main concepts - in your research question. You can make your search more effective by using the following to separate your keywords (terms):

  • AND - find all  the terms (ex. boiler AND generator)
  • OR - find any of the terms (ex. boiler OR generator)
  • NOT - exclude a certain term (ex. boiler NOT generator)

Start below with these Research Starters to find keywords and concepts

Find books and electronic resources

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Advanced Library Search

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