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IHS Standards Expert: FAQs

This guide will help you navigate the IHS Standards Expert platform and access digital standards through the library.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the shopping cart beside a standard mean?  Why can't I access those standards?

Standards with a shopping cart beside them in IHS Standards Expertare standards which are not currently subscribed to by the Reg Erhardt Library.  To view only standards within our subscription, be sure that the "My Subscriptioncheckbox is selected when searching the platform.


I see a standard I want, but we currently don't subscribe to it.  How can I get access to that standard?

To request that our library purchase access to a standard not a part of our current subscription package, please contact Alison Hart to indicate your request.


Can I print/save the standards?

Patrons are permitted (within standard fair use copyright restrictions) to print or save a copy of the standards available in the IHS Standards Expert Platform, unless otherwise restricted by the embedded digital rights management.  If permitted, the print and save functions available in Adobe Reader will appear as follows:   If printing or copying are restricted, these icons will be greyed out and this function will not be available.


How do I know if I have FileOpen installed on my computer?

There are two ways to quickly check the status of the FileOpen plugin on your computer:

  1. Open Adobe Reader.  Click the "Help" option in the menu bar.  Highlight "About Third-Party Plug-Ins".  Click "FileOpen Client..." to display the current version of the plugin installed on your device.  If you do not see "FileOpen Client..." or "About Third-Party Plug-Ins" listed, you will need to install FileOpen on your device.
  2. Click here to download the FileOpen test file.  Once downloaded, open the file in Adobe Acrobat (do not open it in the web browser).  If FileOpen is currently installed on your device, the PDF will open successfully.


I've installed FileOpen, but the standard I'm trying to view won't open.  How can I view the standard?

Due to compatibility issues between FileOpen and some browsers, it may be necessary to disable the in-browser PDF viewer used in browsers such as Chrome or Firefox in order to open the standard in Adobe Acrobat/Reader properly.  Click here for instructions on how to do this in Chrome and Firefox.  For browser-specific help, please consult the content settings information for your browser of choice.

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