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Fake News: Fake News 101

A guide to help determine the validity of news sources

What is Fake News?

"Fake News" refers to news stories that are mostly or entirely false. Fake news exists for many reasons: to spread disinformation, to sway public opinion, to generate ad-revenue, and more. Not to be confused with parody or satire sites like The Onion or The Beaverton, fake news relies on emotionally charged headlines that generate outrage in order to spread virally through social media. 

Remember to read beyond the headline to determine if what you are looking at is fake news.

Fact-Checking Tips

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) created this helpful guide on spotting fake news. Check the "Fake News Explained" tab for more detailed tips. 


Evaluating Information

Fake or not, use your RADAR to evaluate information you find to determine credibility, validity, and relevance:

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