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Research Tutorial: Finding Books

This Library Skills Tutorial will introduce you to some basic research concepts that will help you research more effectively.

Learning Objectives

This module will teach students how to search for books in the library using Library Search and how to locate books on the shelf or access them as e-books. Students will learn how to focus their results to search for books and e-books.

Learning Outcomes
  • Recognize where to search for books in the library database
  • Apply limiters in order to focus their search
  • Distinguish between books and e-books
  • Find books on the shelf in the library
  • Access e-books through the library website

Module 3

Call Numbers: Finding a Book in the Library

Step One: Find a book you are interested in reading by searching the main search box of the library homepage. 

Step Two: Write down the title and call number (Call No.). Note the location: Level 0 books are downstairs, while all others are either upstairs, behind the information desk, or checked out. 

Step Three: If in Level 0, head downstairs and locate the range of numbers where the call number you are looking for falls under.

Step Four: Locate the book within the stacks using the call number. The numbers ascend or descend numerically.

Note: The books are organized by subject, so if you find one book on your topic, you may find relevant books around it on the shelf. 

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